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MAYke It is a month-long event for the Healthy Gamer community during Mental Health May (MHM). Participants engage in practical, creative, and collaborative tasks focused on the theme "Together, we can make it through."

Through gamified activities across four weekly themes, participants earn points and unlock community rewards as they develop skills, build connections, and promote mental wellness.

Let's work together to gain XP and win some prizes

Community rewards are largely cumulative, where the entire community is working to get a points counter to the following:


Special community role/color for 2024

Kruti gives Dr. K a performance review

Dr. K - Pick-up artist review


Pick-up artist review bonus: Kruti commentary

Dr. K guru stream on YouTube and Twitch

* The top 5 individuals will get ALL of the Dr. K Guides, including the new Trauma module — and 3 random participants will get one guide of their choice each week!

Week 1: Make a Plan
This week focuses on making concrete plans, goal-setting, and time management.

Week 2: Make Connections
This week focuses on building healthy relationships, communities, and networks.

Week 3: Make Your Mark
This week focuses on using creative skills and self-expression to enhance our mental health journeys.

Week 4: Make a Difference
This week focuses on using skills and passions to make positive, actual change in the lives of others.

How It Works / Rules

  • Participants will be given points for attending certain events and completing certain tasks.
    • Points are based on assumed effort and time commitment.
    • When collaborative activities are introduced in week 3, each additional contributing member of a group project multiply its points exponentially.
  • An activity can only be done 1x unless otherwise stated.
  • Evidence required - Pics or didn't happen. 📸

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