Welcome Twitch Partners, to Healthy Gamer Creator Coaching!

Healthy Gamer Creator Coaching is a cutting-edge program to help creators decompress and regain joy in doing what they love.

You’ll meet with a coach weekly to work through goals you want to tackle. Common topics include: 

  • Emotional exhaustion and creative burnout
  • Social media toxicity
  • Perfectionism
  • Imposter syndrome and issues with self-esteem
  • Improving self-understanding and optimizing for success 
  • Work-life balance and boundary setting 

This program is not meant to diagnose mental illness, prescribe medication, or be used for urgent health crises. Coaching is not therapy nor a substitute for therapy, and coaches are not therapists.


Twitch Partner Benefits

12 sessions (50-minutes each) once a week with a HG Creator Coach

$150 USD/Session, cost covered by Twitch

Dr. K's Guide to Mental Health ($60 USD value) included while in coaching 

Meetings happen over Discord! We use Discord to connect you to your coach, host coaching sessions, and send you reminders

Spots Limited on a first-come-first-served basis

Our Partnerships 

What is coaching?

Coaching is commonly defined as a process to help improve a person's performance. It is a self-directed process that helps a person change in the way they wish to change. Coaching builds awareness, empowers choice, and leads to change.

Healthy Gamer Coaching is a process to help you better understand how your mind works and provide a path forward, so you can build a life that helps you achieve your goals. Visit our FAQ to learn more.

About Healthy Gamer & Dr. Alok Kanojia

Healthy Gamer is championing the movement in the mental health space to meet the needs of the internet generation.

With the expertise of Dr. Alok Kanojia, a lifelong gamer & Harvard-trained psychiatrist, we support gamers and creators of all stripes with content resources, community building, and coaching assistance. Learn more here or you can catch us on stream at twitch.tv/healthygamer_gg. See you in chat! 


Email us at support@healthygamer.gg with any questions