Career Coaching for real people. Not corporate robots.

We aren’t here to tell you to quit your job, or tell you to suck it up. Healthy Gamer Career Coaches help you navigate your unique situation with a perspective on mental wellness to find a path forward.

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Career Coaching has been proven to help:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Set and attain goals
  • Increase work/life balance
  • Foster adaptability/flexibility
  • Improve resilience and time management 1

1 Athanasopoulou, A., & Dopson, S. (2018). A systematic review of executive coaching outcomes: Is it the journey or the destination that matters the most?. The Leadership Quarterly , 29 (1), 70-88.

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About Healthy Gamer Career Coaching:

Healthy Gamer Career Coaching gives you a partner to navigate the world of work who gets it. Developed by Dr. Alok Kanojia and former Amazon VP, Ethan Evans, the program was designed to empower a new generation of leaders.

In 50-minute sessions over 12 weeks, Career Coaches will help you untangle the complexities around jobs, careers, and you. They'll work with you and guide you through your situation to bring the clarity to your decisions, help you manage others’ expectations, and address your own needs.

Healthy Gamer Career Coaching takes our proven approach to helping people understand how their brains work and combines it with actionable approaches to dealing with workplaces of today from leaders in professional development and coaching.

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Together, Ethan and Dr. K have built a program that takes HG's evidenced approach to improving mental wellness and combines it with actionable approaches to dealing with workplaces of today.

Dr. Alok Kanojia, MD MPH

Dr. K is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist specializing in mental health for the gaming community. He is the President and Cofounder of Healthy Gamer, a mental health platform that provides content, coaching, and community resources to help young people take control of their mental health and their lives. Dr. K brings the best of performance psychiatry, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), and his own experiences as part of the internet generation to create a unique approach to mental health. He has worked with teams at Meta, Google Cloud, Boston Consulting Group, Goldman Sachs and more.

Ethan Evans

Ethan Evans is a past Amazon Vice President turned executive coach with a mission to share the lessons learned from his long career. During his 15 year executive career at Amazon Ethan led global teams of 800+ to deliver $500 million in annual revenue for household products like Prime Video and Twitch. He’s partnered with HG to create CareerCoaching to make building a career you want attainable and affordable. Ethan brings expert experience working with the Twitch community as Executive Vice President of Commerce and Developers.

How We Stack Up

We’re focused on you,  and your individual journey through jobs and life. That’s why we keep our service accessible, and our prices affordable.

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Healthy Gamer Career Coaching